St. Mary Athletics Mission

  • The goal of the Athletics Program at St. Mary School of Riverside is to enable our children to develop physical/athletic skills within a Christian framework of team play, competition, and cooperation. The St. Mary Athletic Program also strives to teach the individual basic athletic skills and rules, to enhance those skills, to teach Christian sportsmanship and conduct, as well as encourage and foster the development of interpersonal and social skills, through team activities.  A large part of a child's growth involves learning how to be a team player and learning to work with others toward a common goal.  Athletics are also a social as well as physical learning activity for our children.

    At St. Mary School we teach our children that being a member of an athleticj team is a privilege, not a right.  Students are expected to maintain their grades and represent St. Mary School in a positive manner both on and off the court or field.  We also place a strong emphasis that our children are truly students first and athletes second. 

    The St. Mary Sports Club Board is responsible for the administration, organization, management, and maintenance of the athletic programs offered at St. Mary. The Sports Club Board is a non-profit entity, managing and funding athletic programs, via an activity based fee participation structure. Members of the St. Mary Sports Club Board, as well all coaches and assistants, are comprised of individuals who have volunteered their time and have completed the required background checks and training requested by the parish and Archdiocese.

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