• LEAD provides parents with supervised care for their children before school (starting at 7am) and after school (until 6pm).

    Families will be billed in a tiered hourly (as-needed) basis. Meaning, you only pay for the extended care you use with LEAD. The hourly rate has changed and is based upon the number of children you have in the program. Only register the children that are attending LEAD rather than the number of children you have enrolled at St. Mary School.

    The hourly rate will be PER hour AND per child:
    If you have ONE (1) child attending LEAD, then you will be charged $5.00/hour/child.
    If you have TWO (2) children attending LEAD, then you will be charged $4.00/hour/child (or $8.00/hr).
    If you have THREE (3) children (or more) attending LEAD, then you will be charged $3.00/hour/child (or $9.00/hr).

    **For the safety and well-being of all children at St. Mary School, we strongly encourage families to register their children for LEAD regardless of how often you plan to use it. Since billing is now hourly for everyone, you will only be charged for whatever you use. Students attending, that are non-registrants (parents who fail to register their children), will be billed at $9.00/hour/child).

    **Connect with the LEAD Program by Phone (708-442-0964) or through Remind.com (preferred).
    Quickly get started with Remind.com for FREE by texting @lead-sms to the number 81010 or go to https://www.remind.com/join/lead-sms

    Questions? Contact Mr. Gross through Remind.com Messaging Service
    Please note: LEAD is billed through FACTS Tuition Management System. Any FACTS related questions need to be directed to Cathy Carone, Administrative Assistant at St. Mary School (ccarone@stmaryriverside.org)

    Fees for the program are collected through the FACTS system.