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Miss Bianchi



Degrees and Certifications:

Elementary K-9 School: Saint Xavier University Endorsements: Mathematics (Saint Xavier University) ESL (Olivet Nazarene University) Specialties: Learning Behavior (Olivet Nazarene University) Previous Work Experience: Kindergarten/ First Grade Aide District 104 Stellar Girls STEM Teacher District 104 Summer School Teacher District 104 Interventionist District 104

Miss Bianchi

This is Miss Bianchi's third year teaching Math at St. Mary. She has an elementary degree with endorsements in Mathematics, ESL, and has recently become a Learning Behavior Specialist.


Math Program

Math in Focus: Singapore math

Why did we choose this series?

We chose this series because it will challenge and strengthen the student's Math skills. It requires students to think before they answer questions.

What resources do you have?

The students have a textbook and workbook. They are split into A and B. A focuses on the skill and B focuses on applying the skill. I also have a reteach, extra practice, and enrichment book to help the students.

What should I do if my child is having trouble or if I have questions?

I am always open to answering questions. You may e-mail me anytime. If your child is having trouble with a problem, circle it and I can help them the next day.