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  • The staff of St. Mary Church is here to assist you in preparing and celebrating the funeral Mass for your loved one.  Mary Prete will assist you in preparing the funeral liturgy. Her cell phone is 312-330-0001.

    This is a simple outline of choices you may use to personalize the funeral mass for you and your family.  All of these are suggestions; you may choose any sacred music that is familiar or important to you.  

    If your family and loved ones prefer not to be readers at the Mass, we at St Mary will make sure we have readers available.  If there are Eucharistic Ministers or altar servers in your family, please let Father know and those members may assist at the Mass.

    All of us at St. Mary want to be of service to you during this time of sorrow.


    Outline of Funeral Liturgy:

     Family and friends gather in the back of church, as Father blesses your loved one, and clothes them in a white pall. You will then process into church. We suggest that the opening hymn/song and the closing hymn/song be something that is familiar to your family and friends.

    Opening Hymn Suggestions:

    Amazing Grace G 645                                                            Jesus, Remember Me G 510

    Be Not Afraid   G 683                                                            Keep in Mind G 646

    For All the Saints G 884                                                         Lord of All Hopefulness G 663

    I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say G 724                                    The King of Love My Shepherd Is G 712

    I Want to Walk as a Child of the Light G 593                        Sing with All the Saints in Glory G 539

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    The First Reading (You make ask a family member or friend to read the scripture)

    This reading is taken from the Old Testament. You can choose the readings in the book “Through Death to Life” or you can search through the bible to find a reading that speaks to the life or example of your loved one, for example search for the word generous. Remember to choose the New American Bible or New Revised Standard Catholic Edition as your source. An easy search tool is Biblegateway.com.

    Responsorial Psalm:

    This is a sung response between the first and second reading.  The cantor will lead the psalm and we all sing the refrain. Suggestions include:

    Psalm 23: My Shepherd is the Lord G 34 or Shepherd Me O God G35

    Psalm 25: To You O Lord, I lift up my soul G39

    Psalm 27: The Lord is my light and my salvation, of whom should I be afraid G 41

    Psalm 63: My Soul is thirsting for you O Lord, thirsting for you my God G 56

    Psalm 103: The Lord is Kind and Merciful G 75

    Psalm 118: This is the day the Lord has made G 81

    Second Reading (You make ask   a family member or friend to read the scripture)

    This reading is taken from the New Testament.  You may choose anything the bishops recommend, see above or choose an appropriate text from any book in the New Testament, excluding the gospels.

    Gospel: (This is proclaimed by the priest)

    You can choose any reading from Matthew, Mark, Luke or John.

    Homily (Father gives a short reflection on the scripture and relates it to your loved one. We will ask you to fill out a simple questionnaire so that Father can speak about your loved you.

    Prayers of the Faithful: (You make ask a relative or friend to read these short prayers or Father can pray them) There are sample prayers in the book Through Death to Life or you may write some.

     Preparation of the Gifts:

    You make ask anyone attending to bring the gifts of bread, wine and water up to the altar.

    During this time, you may request instrumental music, a sung solo, or a hymn/song of your choosing.

    Suggestions include:

     Ave Maria (solo or Choir Solo)                      Make Me a Channel of Your Peace G 828

    Come to Me G 731                                         Pie Jesu, Faure (Choir Solo)

    Do Not Let Your Hearts be Troubled G 869 Precious Lord, Take My Hand G 955

    Going Home (Choir Solo)                              Rescuito G 535

    God Weeps with Us Who Weep G 673          Shall We Gather at the River G 873

     At St. Mary we sing the Eucharistic Acclamations from the Mass of Creation (the Holy, Holy, Memorial Acclamation, Amen, and Lamb of God).

     Communion song suggestions:

    Bread of Life from Heaven/ Pan de Vida G 943        On Eagle’s Wings G691

    Eat This Bread G 941                                                 One Bread, One Body G932

    I Am the Bread of Life G 945                                    Taste and See G930

    I Receive the Living God G916                                Panis Angelicus (choir)

     Words of Remembrance

    You may ask someone to give a short remembrance of your loved one.  This can be a remembering of some special traits and (or) inspiring qualities of your loved one. It is best to have the words written down, many times family and friends will request a copy of the reflection.   If you have any questions, please contact Mary and she will assist you.

    Final Commendation – the blessing of the body with incense.  Suggestions include:

    Saints of God G 163 (This piece is traditionally song at St Mary’s at this time)

    May the Angels Lead you into Paradise G 165

    Celtic Song of Farewell

    May Holy Angels G 978

    Closing Hymn suggestions:

    How Great Thou Art G 578

    I am the Bread of Life Verses 4-5 G 945

    I Know that My Redeemer Lives G 527

    On Eagle’s Wings G 691

    Sing with All the Saints in Glory G 539

    May Angels Lead You G 980