• Education Mission

    Our mission is to provide the children of St. Mary School with a strong academic foundation in an environment of Christ-centered love, while providing them with a strong spiritual and academic foundation rooted in the Catholic tradition.

    Living out our mission enables our students to engage others in the world in a way that promotes peace and justice with respect for the human person and the common good.

    Why Choose Catholic Education?

    Individual Attention • Parental Involvement • Academic Quality • Balanced Curriculum • Religious & Moral Education

    Our school is a vital and valued ministry within the evangelizing mission of St. Mary Parish of Riverside and its neighboring suburbs, and of the global Catholic community. Believing that each student is a child of God, St. Mary School challenges each to achieve academic excellence, to embrace the gospel message, and to make a difference in the world through Christian witness, service, and leadership.

    • Grounded in the gospel values and teachings of the Catholic Church, we, the faculty and staff of St. Mary School, commit ourselves to:
    • Support families in developing in their children a firm foundation of moral values and a belief in God;
    • Foster in our students a sense of personal responsibility, self-sufficiency, and concern for others while discovering in themselves their individual giftedness;
    • Provide quality instruction that promotes academic excellence by challenging students to think critically, solve problems creatively, communicate effectively through the integration of current technology, as well as through spoken and written word;
    • Promote a safe, nurturing environment that facilitates emotional, social, and intellectual growth;
    • Witness to interpersonal relationships based upon human dignity, mutual respect, love, concern and service;
    • Establish a school climate in which peace, justice and environmental issues can be understood in personal as well as global terms.
    • This commitment will continue to challenge each of us, as Christian educators, to develop and act from a global perspective, enrich our own academic life, deepen and share our faith-life, while calling ourselves and others to recognize and fulfill the uniqueness of our gifts.

Curriculum Summary

      Early Childhood

      • PreK - 1st

        The early learning program at St. Mary School focuses on promoting the social, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual growth of each child. In combination with our curriculum programs, we partner with our families in order to build a strong home-to-school connection. Our goal is for children to develop into confident, compassionate, and caring children of God.


      • 2nd - 5th Grade

        The Elementary Curriculum emphasizes hands on learning in all subjects. Students are taught early reading skills beginning in pre-kindergarten 3rd through the use of exposure to different types of books and grade appropriate literature.  Our Math program initiative is the Singapore Math Program which focuses on problem solving and utilizes a balance of concrete,-pictorial (graphs, charts, etc.), and abstract logic progression. In all classes, experiments, projects, and skills such as graphing, creative writing and editing are taught.  We focus on concepts with our students and on using scaffolded learning to take organized planned steps to help our students reach conceptual understanding and mastery.

      Junior High

      • 6th - 8th Grade

        The curriculum of St. Mary is engaging and challenging. Textbooks are updated on a regular cycle considering benchmark standards, instructional strategies and adaptability to students’ needs. Our faculty has been trained in effective instructional strategies, executive functioning skills and Common Core Standards as well as in their subject areas of expertise.