• Safety & Flag Patrol

    Safety Patrol is a necessary extra-curricular activity where students keep the school population safe while earning service hours. The six to seven posts are located on the school property to facilitate the arrival and dismissal of students.

    Morning duty begins at 7:30am and ends at 8:00am.

    After school duty starts at 2:50pm and becomes final when all traffic ceases near 3:10pm.

    Safety Patrol students serve to protect St. Mary’s children. In January, eighth graders are released and sixth graders join the teams. Training for our new patrol people in seventh or eighth grade is ongoing. All patrol people are required to attend training to be the best you can be and keep our children safe. Punctuality is most important*. We are counting on you!

    St. Mary School Safety Patrol Guidelines

    A Safety Patrol member must always be on time, kind, and respectful especially on duty.

    Do not socialize during your duty time; do not take with friends at this time, you are watching for the safety of our children.

    Keep the students safe:

    1. Make sure students walk.
    2. Make sure students stay on the sidewalk.
    3. Make sure there is no throwing on school grounds.
    4. Make sure there is no yelling or profanity.
    5. Make sure there is no fighting or bullying.
    6. Make sure students walk their bikes.
    7. Get an adult if any unsafe conditions arise.
    8. Wear your belt at all times.

    5 Positions Available

    Front Door

    In the morning you are to let people into the front door, and send them to the office to check in.

    Link Door (2 positions at this post)
    In the morning you are to let preschool parents and students in early. You are to direct early students to the school office to check in. In inclement weather open door for students and watch them. Students are to stay in the Link area. In the afternoon you are to go to the end of the sidewalk and monitor the area for any unsafe activity/behavior issues.

    Gym Door/East Lot
    In the morning you man the door and give students access in case of inclement weather. Motion students to the front door for early access to the school. In the afternoon you are to monitor the area at the east end of the parking lot for unsafe situations/behavior issues.

    Outside Gym Doors
    You are to watch for cars and students in need of crossing the street. Help the teacher who is there. Make sure traffic flows smoothly and students get into cars with their rides. Please stay on the sidewalk. 

    Thank you for keeping our students safe.

    Thank you for helping watch over St. Mary students. You are in a posiiton of authority, so be respectful at all times. You represent St. Mary School. All problems should be taken up with the directors of Student Safety programs, Mr. Romano (jromano@stmaryriverside.org) and Ms. Bober (obober@stmaryriverside.org).

    *You are responsible for getting your own substitute.