• Student Council is a student organization that helps develop the leadership skills that are so important in a student’s future. Student Council is also a service organization that emphasizes care for the student body, our Parish of St. Mary, and the community around us and beyond. We have done many, many wonderful things in the past and will continue to do so. Some of these activities are:

    Red Ribbon Week (anti-drug/bullying awareness)

    Thanksgiving Drive 

    The School Newspaper

    School Spirit Activities, such as Pep Rallies and guides for visitors to our school

    Making our school more “Green” with our ecology commission

    Finding ways to make our school a safe place to be

    Finding ways to help in the community

    And some just plain fun things such as dress down days, bake sales, lemonade and hot chocolate stands and car washes, this year possibly a painting party w/ Mrs. Johnson


    The officers for the 2019-2020 Student Council are:

    President: Lizzie S.

    Vice President: Kevin P.

    Secretary: Clara K.

    Treasurer: Nina A.

    Commissioner of School Spirit:  Amy F.

    Co-Commissioners of the Press: Tyler G. and Fin D.

    Commissioner of Ministry and Service: Ava S.

    Co-Commissioners of Publicity: Isabella L.

    Co-Commissioners of Ecology: Sam V.

    Commissioner of Safety: Lexi R.

    Co-Commissioners of Safety: Jorge T., Peter S. 


    Student Council Moderators this year are: 

    Mrs. Johnson

    Mrs. O’Connor

    Miss Bober

    Mrs. Selimos

    Mr. Romano