• Mr. James Rallis
    Band Director

    St. Mary School Band

    Band is open to all students 4th thru 8th grade. We have two bands starting with our Beginner Band which is for students who are just starting. Our Senior Band has students who have been playing an instrument one year or longer.

    Band Lessons Are On Thursdays

    We have small group band lessons for one, 1/2 hour on Thursdays. The Senior Band also rehearses after school for forty-five minutes.

    Both Bands Perform In Our Concerts

    Both bands perform in the Christmas and Spring Concerts. There is a Band Solo competition for Senior Band members in February. We also have students perform in other musical projects during the year.

    Goals Of Our Band Program

    Some of our goals are: To learn how to play a musical instrument, learn how to read music, learn how to play together in an ensemble and develop self confidence through performing/practicing.