Welcome from Fr. Tom

  • Dear Parents,

    Welcome to St. Mary!  Since opening the school doors in September of 1926, St. Mary has been committed to providing children and their families a community where faith and education come together.

    Our faculty and staff understand the importance of the whole child.  The integration of an excellent academic curriculum and daily activities based on Christian values and our Catholic traditions develop students with character and confidence necessary for the next steps in their education and throughout their lives.  Most of our graduates go on to attend the Catholic high school of their choice and are well prepared to succeed wherever they go.

    Our family community is vibrant and engaged!  There are many ways for you to become an integral part of the school and parish throughout your child’s school career.  Lasting friendships are made by volunteering at room parties, sitting next to one another and cheering at sporting events or attending choral concerts or the yearly musical.  The celebrations of First Reconciliation, First Communion and Confirmation establish your family’s place in our parish family as important members of the Body of Christ.

    Learning is a lifelong journey, both academically and more importantly spiritually.  St. Mary School helps to foster a curiosity and love for both of these aspects of our lives.  We appreciate you taking the time to consider sending your child to St. Mary.  We hope to be an important part of your family’s faith and education in the years to come!


    Yours in Christ,

    Fr. Thomas P. May


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Welcome from Mrs. Rasinski

  • Dear Future St. Mary School Families:

    Welcome to our beautiful school and thank you for your interest in St. Mary. No person is able to achieve success without a strong sense of faith and spirituality.  We live in very challenging times and it is most important that we give our children the best education.  St. Mary is the best choice for your children. 

    There are many wonderful things here at St. Mary.  Our children are supported in a strong faith-based environment.   Each grade attends mass weekly and our students participate fully in our choir and also as lectors and gift-bearers.   We participate monthly liturgical holidays together that celebrate our wonderful community.  Our older students are partnered with a younger student, and they go to mass together, attend celebrations together, and do projects during the year. 

    We have a very strong technology program.  Parents have full access to their children’s information through PowerSchool, teacher webpages and the school website.  Our teachers are strong partners in their children’s education.  We have two computer labs and classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards.  We have iPads and Google Chromebooks for student use.  Our technology is integrated into the curriculum and supports what is being taught in the classrooms.

    St. Mary utilizes flexible grouping for all of our students.  We do this to target instruction and set goals to bring our students to even higher levels of achievement. We differentiate our instruction to meet the needs of all our students.

    Our Math and Science programs focus on critical thinking skills, math fluency, the scientific method, and writing.  Our seventh and eighth graders take Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.  Our students also participate in Math and Science contests and many of our Advanced Math students attend math at Nazareth Academy.

    The students take the Act Aspire Summative Test.  The students performed well above the national norm and we continue to focus on a strong curriculum and good solid teaching.  Our eighth graders had a 100% acceptance rate at their high school of first choice.  It was especially gratifying for me to see that the majority of our students are going to a Catholic High School or were accepted into a magnet high school.

    Thank you for your interest in St. Mary. We are living in some very difficult times and I truly believe that with God’s help we will come through it together.  At St. Mary, we are working hard to foster a community which brings more light into the world through our beautiful children and families.  I cherish the time I spend with the children of this school, whether on the playground, the lunchroom, reading in classrooms, or participating in the various activities our creative teachers do with our children. I look forward to greeting all of you and you are in my prayers.  Do not hesitate to stop in or email me at principal@stmaryriverside.org.


    God bless,

    Mrs. Barbara Rasinski


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