St. Agatha Food Pantry
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St. Agatha Food Pantry

  • St. Mary Parishioners, the Service Outreach Committee, collects items for the St. Agatha Food Pantry. Your donations would certainly be appreciated. Items should be placed in the bins outside the Oak Room which are labeled "Food Donations for St. Agatha Food Panrty Only". The bins will be emptied and items delivered every month on the 3rd Sunday of the month at 11:30 a.m. If you have any questions, call Pat Cuevas at 773-457-3489.

    Suggested Non-perishable items:

    Macaroni & cheese cups or boxes

    Cereal cups or boxes

    Oatmeal pkgs, cups or boxes


    Canned tuna, chicken, beef or turkey

    Beef jerky

    Nuts & seeds

    Dried fruits


    Canned beans

    Peanut butter & Jelly

    Canned fruits or fruit cups

    Soups including chicken, beef & vegetable broth & stock

    Boxes of rice

    Shelf stable milk & milk substitute


    Pasta sauce