• Research has shown that chess enhances scholastic ability and athletic focus, improving scores and overall performance in both areas…and we have FUN!

    Coaches Colette Fairchild Saganich, Dianna LaMantia, and Betty Korabik will lead the team for the eighth season along with other helpful volunteers.

    The club is open to St. Mary students in grades 3-8; limit of 40 students.  Every skill level is welcome – we can teach any student that is interested in learning chess and improve even advanced players.


    $40 per student, covers snacks/handouts/t-shirts
    (make checks payable to Dianna LaMantia)

    Additional Benefits:

    • Middle school players may earn service hours if they are able to coach other students or assist the coaches. All will get instruction as appropriate.
    • Guest parents and former GBCC members are invited to join in chess play.
    • Parents who do not play may come to learn, observe, and help keep everything running smoothly.

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