• The purpose of the Religious Education Parent Association Board is to foster spiritual growth and a deeper sense of belonging to the Church with the belief that that parents are the first teachers of the traditions of our Catholic faith.

    Members promote parental involvement in religious education, worship and community service.

    The role of the advisory Board is to encourage family involvement in religious education by:

    • recommend policies, procedures and programs that will foster faith development and promote participation in parish activities
    • involve families in the planning and observance of liturgical events
    • facilitate communication within the Religious Education community


    Current Members

    F. Thomas P. May. Pastor

    Peggy Collings, Chairperson

    Bert Austin, Vice-Chairman

    Sandy Briolat

    Jill Dourlet

    Josh Kowal

    Sarah Ostowski

    Verchelle Mauban

    Gretchen Reyes

    Elizabeth Kos