• Our K6 Classroom Agreement 

    1. Clean up your space

    2. Use an inside voice

    3. Keep your hands and your feet to yourself

    4. Use kind words

    5. Walk in school

    6. Be a good friend

    7. Respect all adults 

    8. Listen to the teacher while the teacher is teaching 


    Behavior Plan 

    Our class uses a clip system to help the students keep track of their daily choices. Each student has a clip with their name on it that moves up for good choices and down for choices that warrant self reflection. 

    • All students begin every day on green at the "Ready to Learn" level
    • With good choices, they can move up to blue for "Good Choices," purple for a "Great Job," and pink for being a "Super Student"
    • They can move down to yellow to "Think About It," orange for "Teacher's Choice," and red for "Parent Contact"


    Behavior Chart