• I am a firm believe in running so I offer the simplicity of running with a program called Running Club. You may join as a running club member with the expectation of running on your own and participating with the track team at Mary Park. During the 9-week season, you can strive to reach the marathon mark (26 miles), half century mark (50 miles) or century mark (100 miles). The miles that you ran during this program in past years count toward meeting these goals. With each goal you are awarded a special t-shirt. This was a big hit last year.

    A formal sign-up will take place on the Sunday of Catholic School week. However, you can join the team at any time. Runners in grades 3-8 are eligible. The running club season will begin the week of March 16, 2020 and conclude during the second week of May. I believe you will find running an enjoyable activity.

    Coach: Slehofer