This weekend, the production company will be returning to film Fargo in Riverside. They will be using the main part of the parking lot and the gym, from Friday, January 17 at 7pm to Monday, January 20 at 8pm.The big parking lot will be occupied by the production company. We will have access to the small parking lot, the row of spaces next to the funeral home, and the route all the way through from Herrick to Burlington.

    On Sunday, we can use parking spaces between the trucks in the parking lot for our parishioners to park - this day is not a filming day so no one will be coming or going. Please exercise caution as always! Saturday and Monday they will be filming so if we can contain parking to the small lot that would be best.

    Additional parking is also available at the Parish Offices on 40 E Burlington Street. Thank you for your support and patience in this project.

    If you have questions or concerns, please contact Jen Fangmann at the Parish Office, 708-447-1020.

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