• What to Expect at Mass this Weekend (Starting June 12, 2021)

    • There will be no need to sign in, nor will your temperature be taken.
    • Wearing a mask is not necessary if you have been vaccinated. Nonetheless, you are welcome to wear one. We are mindful that some have not been able to be vaccinated due to weakened immune systems or other health reasons. Many children have not yet been able to be vaccinated. We would ask those who have not yet been vaccinated to please consider wearing a mask.
    • You may sit where you wish.
    • Singing from the hymnal returns.
    • We will do our best to ventilate the church by opening doors and windows while being attentive to keeping the room temperature down.
    • As always, the sign of peace may be exchanged by a wave, nod, kind word or smile if you are not comfortable with contact.
    • We will return to receiving communion by processing to the altar. When the usher comes to your row to indicate it is time to leave your pew for communion, he or she will have a bottle of sanitizer. If you wish to have your hands sanitized, please extend them.  
    • Those in the loft and Oak Room are asked to join the communion procession; a eucharistic minister will not go to those locations.
    • Communion will not be offered from the cup. We would be grateful if you continued to receive communion in the hand, especially in consideration of those receiving immediately after you.
    • You will not be dismissed from your pews; you may exit via any door you wish after the final song. 
    • The 10:00 am mass will continue to be live streamed. Drive-thru Holy communion will be available at the Parish Office on 40 E. Burlington St. from 11:00 - 11:30 am. The dispensation from attending mass continues to be in effect until further notice.

     For questions, please contact the Parish Office at 708-447-1020.

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